How To: Homemade Scarf


The above video is of a female who got her idea from Pinterest and decided to post a video about it. This tutorial on how to create a homemade scarf from any old recyclable shirt is really cool! My favorite part of this idea is that you can personalize it however you’d like. If I were to do this, I’d add different fabrics to it and maybe fringe those to make a really colorful scarf! Some people may find solids more fun, or even a touch of shimmer.



Mason Jar Crafts

The above link describes over 50 creative ways to use a mason jar. Whether it be an idea for a gift (bridal showers, birthdays, weddings…etc), simple decor, or a centerpiece for an event, this gives many different brilliant crafts. From outdoor candles to jack-o-lanterns, these jars can be used in many different ways. My personal favorite is simple; decorating a mason jar however you’d like and use it in organizing anything. Stick a magnet to it and put it on the refrigerator filled with recipes, or fill it with q-tips on a bathroom mirror. This is extremely pinteresting! 


Jewelry Holder Ideas


Due to my love for jewelry, I found this post nothing less of interesting! Each photograph colorfully describes convenient, economical ways to display anyone’s most favorite pieces of jewelry! The first image of necklaces hanging off fake tree branches is a pretty, yet helpful way to access jewelry quick and on the go. The second image is a beautiful display in a picture frame, hanging from the wall that can be personally designed however one would like. This can be deemed as a piece of furniture/wall decor. The other means of hanging jewelry consist of earrings out of a cheese grater, put into a wine cork, hanging off a clothes hanger, or through a piece of fabric in a frame. The beauty to all these methods include simplicity and personalization. Anyone can use their creativity in creating the jewelry hanger of their choice! 

Intro to Pinterest

ImagePinterest is a site that caters to all different kinds of people, of all ages, with all different interests. Whether it be searching for photos of motorcycles, tourist attractions, flowers, or birthday party ideas, Pinterest can cover nearly any interest or hobby. Pinterest includes boards where users can “pin” items to view later on and see on their main page (normally linked to Facebook). Users can “follow” individual boards or people, to get frequent updates about items that may be of their interest. Pinterest can be accessed from all internet-capable devices such as iPhones, iPads, laptops…etc. The main focus of my blog will be on the section “DIY & Crafts” on Pinterest, because that is my favorite aspect to Pinterest due to how creative of a person I am. 


“Oh, how pinteresting!”